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Academic Record Policy

Academic Record Policy

According to the Academic Record Policy at International European University, Malta Campus, every student must be provided with an academic record, also known as an Academic Progress Report, by the end of each semester. Academic Progress Report includes the marks obtained by the student in each subject, without including the credit information. The Academic Progress Report serves as a comprehensive representation of the student’s performance throughout the semester. It is an official document that clearly evaluates the student’s achievements, highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement. It serves as a means of assessing academic progress and as an important reference for the student’s future academic endeavors.  

International European University, Malta Campus greatly emphasizes the accuracy and timeliness of academic reports. Any errors or discrepancies discovered are promptly rectified, ensuring that the Academic Progress Reports provided to the students accurately reflect their academic achievements. The university is committed to providing students with a high-quality, accurate, and comprehensive representation of their academic performance, promoting transparency, and supporting their educational journey! Academic Progress Reports are accessible to all students at the end of every semester. Students can obtain their progress reports by accessing the following link.


Please note that the link will only be accessible after the conclusion of the final exam week at the end of each semester. Therefore, we kindly request you to wait until the end of the exam week to access your progress report!  

Note that according to the Academic Record Policy at International European University, Malta Campus, students can obtain a transcript from the university only if they are officially withdrawing from their studies. The policy adheres to the laws and regulations in place to protect the privacy and academic records of students. The university acknowledges that transcripts contain confidential information regarding a student’s academic performance and records. In order to safeguard the sensitive data of students, the policy states that transcripts will only be provided to students who have officially completed the exclusion process. This means that transcripts will be exclusively provided only to students who are officially excluded from the International European University, Malta Campus. The measure is taken to ensure that sensitive information is protected and remains accessible only to those who are authorized to receive it. 

The policy ensures that the university maintains strict control over disseminating academic records, in compliance with legal requirements of the Republic of Malta. By allowing access to transcripts exclusively for students who are withdrawing, the university upholds the privacy rights of all its students. Students need to understand that the policy is in place to protect their academic information and uphold the principles of data privacy. Only a student who chooses to withdraw from their studies may request a transcript from the university as part of their official documentation. Note that International European University, Malta Campus operates within the framework of the law to ensure the privacy and security of academic information!  

How to Get an Official Transcript

Obtaining your Transcript of Records (TOR) from the International European University, Malta Campus is a necessary step when withdrawing from your program. In this comprehensive guide, we will outline the official procedures for obtaining your transcript from the International European University, Malta Campus. Please note that these steps are applicable only to students who are withdrawing from the university. Follow these guidelines to ensure a successful outcome! 

Step 1: Download and Complete the Official Exclusion Request Form

To begin the process of withdrawing from International European University, Malta Campus a student needs to download and complete the Official Exclusion Request form. We have conveniently provided a sample of the form on this page, which you can easily access and use as a reference. Make sure to carefully fill out the form with accurate and complete information to prevent any delays in processing. Once you have filled out the form, you have to submit it to initiate the exclusion process. 

Step 2: Complete Tuition Payments

Before starting the exclusion process, it is important for students to ensure that their tuition fees have been fully covered. Students who have outstanding tuition balances will not be eligible to initiate the exclusion process until their tuition fees are settled completely. By ensuring the complete payment of tuition fees and any other fees required by the university, students can proceed with the necessary steps for the exclusion process without any financial barriers.

Step 3: Undergo Official Exclusion Procedure

In order to proceed with the transcript request smoothly, every student must undergo the official exclusion process from the International European University, Malta Campus. The details and steps regarding the exclusion procedure will be provided exclusively to each student. This ensures that you are aware of the specific requirements and guidelines for completing the process successfully. Make sure to follow the provided instructions and complete all necessary steps to finalize your exclusion from the International European University, Malta Campus. 

Step 4: Provide an Official Transcript Request Note

After completing the official exclusion process from the International European University, Malta Campus, the next step is to provide the university with an official note requesting your transcript. The note should clearly state your request for the transcript and provide any necessary details, such as your student ID and the address where the transcript should be sent. To assist you in creating the note, we have provided a sample on this page that you can download. The sample will serve as a helpful guide to ensure that your request note includes all the essential information. Take the time to customize the note according to your specific circumstances and requirements before submitting it. 

Step 5: Cover the Transcript Fee

After requesting your transcript, you must cover the associated fee. The fee for obtaining a transcript is 200 euros. Familiarize yourself with the accepted payment methods and make the necessary arrangements to acquire the required amount. 

Step 6: Submit the Required Documents and Fee 

Submit the complete package of the following documents in order to obtain the official transcript from International European University, Malta Campus:  

  • Official Exclusion Request Note;
  • Tuition Fee Clearance Certificate; 
  • The Official Transcript Request Note;
  • The Transcript Fee Receipt. 

Maintain copies of all documentation for your personal records. Note that processing times may vary, but the International European University, Malta Campus typically aims to provide transcripts within one week! 

Once your transcript is ready for collection, you will receive a notification from the International European University, Malta Campus. If you have any questions or need assistance with your transcript request or payment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you with everything you need! 

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