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Accounting and Audit

About the Accounting and Audit Course

The degree course of Accounting and Audit is provided at the first (Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Audit) and Second (Master of Science in Accounting and Audit) levels of higher education. Accounting and Audit courses at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus are academic programs designed to teach students the fundamentals of financial accounting, managerial accounting, and auditing practices. The IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus students learn about basic accounting concepts and principles, including the accounting equation, debits and credits, and double-entry bookkeeping. They also learn how to prepare financial statements, such as the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows.

Students of an Accounting and Audit course at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus learn key principles of accounting, its concepts, and practices through a combination of lectures, case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises. The IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus students have the opportunity to participate in internships both in Malta and abroad, study tours, and other experiential learning opportunities to gain practical experience in the field.

Accounting and Audit courses at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus provide students with a comprehensive understanding of auditing standards, procedures, and techniques, such as risk assessment, sampling, and evidence gathering. Courses are designed to provide the IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus students with a well-rounded education in the accounting profession and prepare them for careers as accounting professionals or auditors.

Accounting and Audit course at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus teaches students how to plan, organize, and execute projects effectively, including how to manage timelines, budgets, and resources. Accounting and Audit course at IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus provides students with an understanding of marketing principles, including how to identify customer needs, develop marketing strategies, and measure marketing effectiveness.

Name of the specialty – Accounting and Audit;

Level of Higher Education – First (Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Audit) and Second (Master of Science in Accounting and Audit) level;

List of specializations – Taxation, Forensic Accounting, Internal Auditing, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Information Systems Auditing, Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting, International Accounting;

The total amount of credits of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System – 360 credits;

The duration of studying – 4 years of full-time studying (Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Audit) and 2 years of full-time studying (Master of Science in Accounting and Audit).

The Educational Process

International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus Business School aims to provide international students with invaluable knowledge and experience in Accounting and Audit using modern information technologies, software, and technical advancements. We use European study plans and curricula, modernized classrooms, reading rooms, and all necessary equipment to make the educational process more comfortable and effective.

The educational process for the Accounting and Audit course at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus involves a combination of classroom instruction, independent study, and practical application of knowledge and skills. In addition to lectures, students are engaged in class discussions where they can ask questions, clarify doubts, and share their perspectives on different topics. It helps the IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus students to develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter by exploring it from different angles.

The IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus students complete individual assignments and group projects requiring them to apply their knowledge and skills in Accounting and Auditing. Examples of assignments include problem sets, case analyses, and research papers. The IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus projects involve analyzing financial statements, preparing tax returns, or conducting an audit.

The Accounting and Audit program at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus requires students to complete internships both in Malta and abroad or multi-work team agreements with employers to gain practical experience in the field. These experiences provide the IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings and to develop professional networks. The Accounting and Audit program at the IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus offers opportunities for students to develop their professional skills and networks. For example, they attend professional development workshops, join student accounting associations, or participate in networking events with accounting professionals.

Future Accounting and Audit professionals obtain the necessary knowledge and competencies to be able to:

  • Maintain accurate financial records and interpret information appropriately to provide quality advice;
  • Research to understand economic conditions affecting a company, such as supply and demand;
  • Gather information and present it to company leaders to help with their decision-making processes;
  • Understand complex business transactions or learn new techniques as technology advances;
  • Gather information to answer client-specific questions;
  • Determine how annual sales figures compare with estimates;
  • Use analysis in their research to understand a concept more thoroughly;
  • Employ analysis skills to connect financial metrics, such as earnings before interest and tax, to a company’s overall performance;
  • Work with large volumes of data;
  • Using attention to detail to identify inconsistencies or discrepancies to affect the results of their research;
  • Preparing statements to summarize a company’s financial performance;
  • Help company leaders make essential financial decisions;
  • Demonstrate efficient verbal and written business communication;
  • Demonstrate and apply tools of mathematical and statistical analysis, and contemporary information technologies in solving managerial issues related to business processes and projects;
  • Demonstrate and apply core business, management, and leadership principles and skills (in the field of management, marketing, operations management, and business law), and integrate theory to practice aiming to solve managerial problems;
  • Demonstrate and apply contemporary data collection methods related to business transactions and preparation of financial reports, as well as financial analysis and rational allocation of the company’s resources;
  • Identify the present and potential issues related to ethics, responsibility, and sustainability in the field of accounting and audit, and provide recommendations applying the main theories and concepts of ethics, responsibility, and sustainability;
  • Collect and analyze data related to the company’s business transactions and prepare financial reports applying IFRS;
  • See anomalies in numbers, spot if funds aren’t going where they should, and analyze any discrepancies;
  • Operate smoothly and efficiently within a group;
  • Compromise, discuss, influence, negotiate, and advise your team;
  • Prioritize your workload, balance projects, and make sure you’re always aware of what deadlines need to be met next;
  • Expertise in preparing balance sheets, maintaining different financial transactions, making and managing cash flow statements, and securing businesses from making wrong financial decisions;
  • Collecting, validating, processing, and storing data;
  • Use the company’s data to make sound financial decisions and unfold deep insights about customers, markets, and competition;
  • Make profitable future investments, and sound business decisions, and aids product development;
  • Collect, classify, synthesize, and analyze the operational data by applying tools of management accounting, to make operational and strategic decisions;
  • Identify risks, select and apply the appropriate control and audit procedures, prepare the opinion, and communicate it to the main stakeholders;
  • Be able to use contemporary information technologies to collect and process data necessary for the preparation of financial and tax reports, managerial decision-making, and internal and external control needs.

Compulsory Subjects

The curriculum covers a comprehensive range of subjects. The major subjects (or modules) are:

  • Financial Accounting;
  • Managerial Accounting;
  • Cost Accounting;
  • Auditing Principles;
  • Auditing Procedures and Techniques;
  • Federal Income Taxation;
  • Accounting Information Systems;
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility;
  • Business Law;
  • Corporate Finance;
  • Financial Statement Analysis;
  • Advanced Accounting;
  • Internal Auditing;
  • External Auditing;
  • Information Systems Auditing;
  • Taxation of Business Entities;
  • Fraud Examination;
  • Advanced Financial Accounting;
  • Government and Nonprofit Accounting;
  • Advanced Auditing;
  • Forensic Accounting;
  • Business Communication;
  • Strategic Management;
  • Organizational Behavior;
  • Principles of Marketing;
  • Principles of Management;
  • Principles of Economics;
  • Intermediate Accounting;
  • Advanced Managerial Accounting;
  • Business Ethics;
  • Corporate Governance;
  • Financial Management;
  • Accounting Research and Analysis;
  • Accounting Policy and Procedures;
  • Financial Planning and Analysis;
  • International Accounting;
  • Financial Modeling;
  • Risk Management and Control;
  • Financial Reporting;
  • Business Process Improvement.

Career Perspectives

After finishing the educational professional program of the specialty «Accounting and Audit» specialists can perform professional work as:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA);
  • Auditor;
  • Tax Accountant;
  • Forensic Accountant;
  • Financial Analyst;
  • Internal Auditor;
  • External Auditor;
  • Accounting Manager;
  • Financial Accountant;
  • Management Accountant;
  • Cost Accountant;
  • Tax Manager;
  • Tax Consultant;
  • Budget Analyst;
  • Risk Manager;
  • Financial Planner;
  • Investment Analyst;
  • Financial Controller;
  • Fraud Investigator;
  • Corporate Accountant;
  • Governmental Accountant;
  • Nonprofit Accountant;
  • Treasury Analyst;
  • Financial Consultant;
  • Business Valuation Analyst;
  • Wealth Manager;
  • Merger and Acquisition Specialist;
  • Investment Banker;
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO);
  • Finance Director;
  • Compliance Manager;
  • Risk Analyst;
  • Business Analyst;
  • Entrepreneur;
  • Accounting Information Systems Specialist;
  • Business Process Improvement Specialist;
  • Financial Reporting Specialist;
  • Strategic Planning Analyst;
  • Financial Services Manager;
  • Education and Training Specialist.

Why Obtain an Accounting and Audit Degree in Europe?

If you’re looking to study Accounting and Audit in Europe, the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is an excellent option for international students. Our Business School is consistently ranked among the TOP-10 Business Schools in Europe, and the quality of education is top-notch. Studying Accounting and Audit at IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus offers a fantastic opportunity to obtain a high-quality degree from one of the best universities in the EU.

IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus international students gain access to award-winning teaching methods and internationally recognized qualifications used worldwide. Pursuing a degree in Accounting and Audit from IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus involves practicing management skills through various classroom discussions, group activities, and individual assignments. By studying Accounting and Audit at IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus, students acquire the skills and knowledge to identify and evaluate new business opportunities.

Career Perspectives with Accounting and Audit Degree in Europe

Accounting and Audit Degree from the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus prepares students for various career opportunities in the financial industry, such as Accounting, Audit, Tax, and Financial Analysis. These careers can be lucrative, and a Degree in Accounting and Audit from the IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus can open doors to many job opportunities.

Application Process for Accounting and Audit in Europe

The application process for an Accounting and Audit degree at International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is easy and fast compared to other European Accounting universities. International students are provided with full support along the way while collecting the necessary documents, submitting their application, and obtaining the Student Visa.

Rich Cultural Experience in Europe

International students of IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus are always amazed by Maltese culture rich in history and tradition. The islands discovering is always an eye-opening experience for students who have never left their home country before. Students have the opportunity to travel around Europe during their time abroad, which allows them to see how other cultures live and what they value most about life. Obtaining an Accounting Degree abroad offers some unforgettable experiences students will never forget! For example: visiting museums or historical sites; tasting new foods from around the world; learning how people celebrate holidays differently; meeting new friends from all over the world who share similar interests, and many more!

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