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About the Biochemistry Course

The degree course of the Biochemistry specialty is provided at the first (Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry) and Second (Master of Arts in Biochemistry) levels of higher education. Biochemistry is the use of molecular methods to investigate, explain and manipulate biological processes. The study of life at the molecular level continues to undergo dynamic expansion, leading to ever-increasing insights into topics as varied as the origin of life, the nature of disease, and the development of individual organisms.

Powerful new techniques, such as those of molecular genetics and NMR spectroscopy, enable us to analyze biological phenomena in more and more precise molecular terms. The European School of Biochemistry at International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is one of the largest in Europe and is subdivided into several research areas. The School of Life Sciences at IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus is extremely active in research, with postgraduate students and research staff from all over the world. The breadth and excellence of these activities are reflected in the scope of the undergraduate course and underpin the teaching.

Name of specialty – Biochemistry;

Level of Higher Education – First (Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry) and Second (Master of Science in Biochemistry) level;

The list of specializations and educational programs – Enzymology, Metabolism, Proteomics, Structural Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemical Techniques, Biocatalysis, Bioremediation, Bioenergy, Synthetic Biology, Chemical Biology, Biophysical Chemistry;

The total amount of credits from the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System – 240 credits;

Duration of studying – 4 years of full-time studying (Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry), 2 years of full-time studying (Master of Science in Biochemistry).

The Educational Process

The School of Life Sciences at IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus has superb research and teaching facilities and excellent digital resources together with access to a wide range of online and print journals. In Biochemistry at IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus you’ll create chemicals. Analyze genes. Explore the fundamentals of metabolism. You’ll start with a broad science foundation in the first year, including chemistry, biology, physics, and calculus.

The Biochemistry degree at IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus provides an opportunity to pursue an in-depth research project under the supervision of an academic member of staff. Students choose a project, plan their research program, design their experiments and present their results to other researchers in the field. The experience gained is much valued by employers. The project also gives students the opportunity to reflect on their aptitude and enthusiasm for a research career. They graduate with the knowledge and skills to work in a wide range of areas, from forensics to pharmaceuticals to food and agriculture.

After graduating students are able:

Compulsory Subjects

The curriculum covers a comprehensive range of subjects. The major subjects (or modules) are:

Career Perspectives

A career in biochemistry can often lead to lucrative job positions and exciting investigations that can change the future of human beings. You can increase your qualifications by taking the right courses and gaining experience by working in your field.  After completing the professional education program of the specialty «Biochemistry» at IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus a specialist can perform professional work as:

Why Study Biochemistry in Europe?

If you’re looking to study Biochemistry in Europe, the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is an excellent option for international students. Our Life Sciences School is consistently ranked among the TOP-10 Life Sciences Schools in Europe, and the quality of education is top-notch. Studying Biochemistry at IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus offers a fantastic opportunity to obtain a high-quality degree from one of the best universities in the EU.

At IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus, international students gain access to award-winning teaching methods and internationally recognized qualifications used worldwide. Pursuing a degree in Biochemistry from IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus involves practicing Biochemistry skills through various classroom discussions, group activities, and individual assignments. By studying Biochemistry at IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus, students acquire the skills and knowledge to communicate effectively in Biochemistry.

Career Perspectives in Europe

Earning a degree in Biochemistry from IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus can prepare you for various career opportunities in the public and private sectors. Graduates can find work in sciences, medicine, education, and many other fields, or even start their businesses. Studying Biochemistry at IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus can also increase your earning potential and make you stand out in the job market.

Application Process for Biochemistry Degree in Europe

The application process for a Biochemistry Degree at IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus is easy and fast compared to other European Biochemistry universities. International students are provided with full support along the way, making it easy to collect necessary documents, submit the application, and obtain a Student Visa.

Rich Cultural Experience in Europe

At IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus, international students get to experience Maltese culture, which is rich in history and tradition. Exploring the islands is an eye-opening experience for students who have never left their home country before. During their time abroad, students can also travel around Europe, which allows them to see how other cultures live and what they value most about life. Pursuing a Biochemistry Degree abroad offers unforgettable experiences, such as visiting museums or historical sites, trying new foods from around the world, learning how people celebrate holidays differently, meeting new friends from all over the world who share similar interests, and many more!

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