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European School of Humanities

European School of Humanities

The European School of Humanities stands as a prestigious institution dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, cultural understanding, and critical thinking. As a hub for humanities education, International European University, Malta offers a comprehensive curriculum and exceptional facilities to students. At the European School of Humanities, the aim of studying humanities extends far beyond the acquisition of knowledge. It seeks to nurture compassionate, well-rounded individuals possessing critical thinking skills, cultural literacy, and an empathetic understanding of the world. Humanities education at the International European University, Malta serves as a gateway to exploring the rich tapestry of human existence, unveiling the complexities of history, literature, philosophy, and the social sciences. By immersing themselves in the field of humanities at International European University, Malta students develop a deep appreciation for the human experience, and in turn, gain insights into their own place within it.

Humanities education at the International European University, Malta fosters the development of critical thinking skills that are vital in navigating the complexities of the modern world. Through rigorous analysis, students learn to question assumptions, challenge conventional wisdom, and approach problems from multiple perspectives. They develop the ability to think independently, evaluate evidence, and construct reasoned arguments, equipping them to make informed decisions in their personal and professional lives. By studying humanities at International European University, Malta, students gain a deep understanding of the forces shaping human society. They explore the historical, cultural, and philosophical dimensions that have shaped civilizations across time. Broad perspective cultivates cultural literacy, enabling students of the International European University, Malta to appreciate diverse perspectives, embrace cultural differences, and navigate an increasingly interconnected world with empathy and sensitivity.

International European University, Malta provides its students with a rigorous academic curriculum and all needed for studying process education materials and university facilities. Humanities education places a strong emphasis on effective communication in written and oral forms. Students refine their writing skills, honing the ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and persuasively. Through discussions, debates, and presentations IEU, Malta students develop the art of effective oral communication, mastering the art of expressing their thoughts and engaging in meaningful dialogue with others. European School of Humanities enhances culture and self-awareness, enabling students to examine their own identities in relation to the wider world. By studying different cultures, literature, and historical events, Humanities students gain a nuanced understanding of the diverse range of human experiences. Self-reflection and cultural awareness promote empathy, tolerance, and an appreciation for the richness of human diversity.

The European School of Humanities stands as a beacon of intellectual and personal growth, nurturing students to become critical thinkers, cultural ambassadors, and compassionate individuals. By studying humanities at the university, students embark on a transformative journey that expands their horizons, fosters empathy, and equips them with the skills needed to navigate the complexities of our globalized society. The aim of studying humanities at the International European University, Malta, and the advantages it offers are invaluable assets that empower individuals to make meaningful contributions to the world.

About Humanities Courses

The European School of Humanities in Malta focuses primarily on the interaction between culture, society, and business, which is examined from an interdisciplinary, international, and intercultural perspective. International European University, Ukraine-Malta Campus attaches particular importance to the international orientation of all its educational programs and offers students a European level of education and an extensive curriculum with a recognized higher degree. The Humanities Courses pursue the study of the human experience, past and present, encompassing the study of history and art history, languages and literature, philosophy, religion, and visual and dramatic arts. The International European University, Malta students acquire skills in critical analysis, interpretation and argument, analytical writing, and oral presentation in individual and collaborative undertakings. They investigate how societies, cultures, human values, and everyday experiences have been transformed, represented, and remembered over time.

Level of Higher Education – First (Bachelor’s) and Second (Master’s) level.

The duration of studying – 4 years of full-time studying (Bachelor`s) and 2-3 years of full-time studying (Master’s).

Medium of Instruction – English.

Available Degree Courses

Extracurricular Activity

The European School of Humanities is not only a center for academic excellence but also a vibrant hub of cultural exploration. The International European University, Ukraine-Malta Campus understands the importance of fostering a rich cultural environment complementing academic pursuits. The European School of Humanities organizes a series of vibrant cultural festivals throughout the academic year. IEU, Malta cultural festivals provide an immersive experience for students and faculty alike can explore various cultures, traditions, and artistic expressions. From the energetic rhythms of a salsa dance workshop to the tantalizing aromas of an international food fair, International European University, Malta festivals celebrate the diversity of the student body, encourage intercultural dialogue, and create a sense of unity within the university community.

European School of Humanities hosts captivating art exhibitions to showcase the talents of students, faculty members, and renowned artists. Art exhibitions serve as platforms for visual storytelling, allowing visitors to experience different artistic perspectives and engage in meaningful conversations. With an array of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media installations, cultural exhibitions ignite creativity, inspire introspection, and provide a platform for cultural exploration. The International European University, Ukraine-Malta Campus offers a stage for aspiring writers, accomplished authors, and passionate poets to share their works, inviting listeners on a journey of emotions and ideas. From thought-provoking novels to evocative poems, readings and poetry nights foster intellectual discussions, encourage critical thinking, and nurture a love for literature.

European School of Humanities organizes regular film screenings followed by insightful discussions. Cinematic experiences go beyond entertainment, offering a lens into diverse cultures, social issues, and historical events. Through thoughtfully selected international films, Humanities students and faculty members engage in dialogue, analyze storytelling techniques, and gain a deeper understanding of the human experience. Music is a universal language transcending borders and connecting people from different backgrounds. The European School of Humanities hosts captivating music performances and concerts, featuring talented students, accomplished musicians, and cultural ensembles. Music events expose audiences to various musical genres, from classical symphonies to traditional folk melodies, promoting cultural appreciation and fostering a sense of harmony and unity. 

The European School of Humanities offers an array of workshops and interactive sessions providing hands-on experiences in different cultural practices. From calligraphy and painting workshops to culinary demonstrations and language immersion sessions, such interactive events allow International European University, Malta students to engage directly with cultural traditions, develop new skills, and gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity of human expression. 

The European School of Humanities stands as a beacon of cultural diversity, fostering an environment celebrating the richness of human expression. Through an array of vibrant cultural events, International European University, Ukraine-Malta Campus students and faculty members are encouraged to explore, appreciate, and engage with different cultures, art forms, and intellectual perspectives. IEU, Malta Cultural events enhance academic learning, nurture creativity, foster empathy, and promote cultural understanding within the university community. As the European School of Humanities continues to organize diverse cultural events, it reinforces its commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive educational environment preparing students to become global citizens with a deep appreciation for the world’s diverse cultures.

Research Projects 

Research in the field of Humanities is essential for expanding International European University, Ukraine-Malta Campus students’ understanding of human culture, society, and the complexities of the human experience. Through historical analysis, cultural exploration, philosophical inquiry, linguistic investigations, and interdisciplinary collaborations, research projects held at the IEU, Malta contribute valuable insights to shaping students’ worldviews and challenging existing paradigms. The research conducted in the European School of Humanities deepens students’ understanding of the past, informs contemporary discourse, fosters critical thinking, and promotes a more inclusive and empathetic society. 

Global Engagement and Cultural Exchange

In today’s interconnected world, embracing global engagement and promoting cultural exchange has become increasingly vital for the International European University, Malta. The European School of Humanities, a leading school dedicated to the study of human culture, society, and the arts, recognizes the significance of fostering a global perspective in its students. The European School of Humanities offers an array of study abroad programs allowing students to immerse themselves in different cultural contexts and broaden their horizons. Study abroad programs provide IEU, Malta students with opportunities to experience different societies, languages, and perspectives firsthand. By studying in foreign countries, students gain a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity, enhance their language skills, and develop a global mindset preparing them to thrive in an interconnected world.

European School of Humanities actively seeks and cultivates international partnerships with universities and institutions worldwide. Cooperation agreements and collaborations facilitate academic exchanges, joint research projects, and faculty/student mobility programs. By engaging in collaborations with renowned scholars and institutions from different countries, students in the European School of Humanities are exposed to diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and cross-cultural dialogue. The Humanities degree course at the International European University, Ukraine-Malta Campus values the importance of contributing to global humanitarian causes. The university actively engages in collaborations with international organizations dedicated to promoting social justice, human rights, and sustainable development. Through partnerships, students have the opportunity to participate in projects and initiatives addressing pressing global issues

The European School of Humanities organizes a variety of multicultural events and workshops, creating a platform for cultural exchange and intercultural dialogue. Multicultural events celebrate the diverse student body and showcase various cultural traditions, arts, and performances. Through workshops on intercultural communication and cultural sensitivity, students develop the skills necessary to navigate and appreciate cultural differences, fostering respect and understanding. The European School of Humanities invites guest lecturers and international visiting scholars from around the world to enrich the academic experience of students. Prominent specialists and Humanity scientists bring unique perspectives and expertise, delivering lectures and engaging in discussions on global topics, cultural studies, and international affairs. By exposing students to a wide range of voices and ideas, the university encourages critical thinking, challenges preconceived notions, and nurtures a global outlook.

Why Choose Humanities School in Malta? 

While there are many study-abroad destinations to choose from, there is one that stands out as a hidden gem: Malta. This tiny island nation in the Mediterranean Sea offers a unique blend of history, culture, and cutting-edge humanities education that makes it an ideal destination for international humanities students! Malta is a land of contrasts. With stretches back thousands of years history, it is a place where ancient ruins stand alongside modern skyscrapers, and where traditional Maltese cuisine is served alongside international fare. A blend of old and new, traditional and modern, makes Malta a fascinating place to explore and a great place to live and study humanities in Europe.  

The International European University in Malta offers world-class humanities education programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in humanities. The curriculum is rigorous and challenging but also flexible enough to accommodate the needs of international students. One of the unique advantages of studying humanities in Malta for international students is unique opportunities for field trips and experiential learning. The island is replete with historical sites, museums, art galleries, and archaeological wonders that serve as living classrooms. Students can explore ancient temples, medieval fortifications, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, gaining firsthand experience and connecting theory with real-world contexts. Such immersive experiences deepen IEU, Malta students’ understanding, and appreciation of the subjects they study.

Studying Humanities in Malta is an excellent option for international students looking for a high-quality humanities education in English in Europe. One of the biggest advantages of studying humanities in Malta is the English medium of instruction. International students fluent in English can easily understand the lectures, participate in discussions, and complete assignments. This makes it easier for international students to integrate into the academic community and succeed in their studies. Malta’s linguistic diversity is a significant advantage for students of the European School of Humanities. English and Maltese are the official languages, and many courses are taught in English. The accessibility to English-language education eliminates language barriers for international students, enabling them to fully engage with their studies. Malta’s bilingual environment presents an opportunity to learn or improve proficiency in both English and Maltese, enriching linguistic skills and cultural understanding. 

The International European University in Malta is a welcoming and supportive place that makes the international transition easier. With a thriving international student community, a strong support network, and a wealth of cultural and social activities, Malta is a great place to live and study. International humanities students looking for a unique and rewarding educational experience should consider studying humanities in Malta. With its blend of history, culture, and cutting-edge humanities education, Malta offers a truly unique opportunity to explore the world and prepare for a successful career in humanities! The island’s sunny climate, beautiful beaches, and crystal-clear waters provide an idyllic backdrop for leisure activities and personal rejuvenation. IEU, Malta students can enjoy a balanced lifestyle while pursuing their studies, finding inspiration in the island’s natural wonders and cultural heritage.

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